McRae Engineering Equipment Limited

McRae Engineering Equipment has been supplying equipment to the boiler industry in Eastern Canada since 1930. We have been supplying OEM boiler manufactures and steam plant operators the following products:

  • Dresser Rand (Worthington and Terry) steam turbines for fan and pump drives and complete steam turbine generator systems.
  • Clark-Reliance boiler water columns, level gauges and remote level indicators to the latest ASME Boiler Code standards.
  • Universal Silencer steam vent silencers.
  • Peerless Manufacturing steam drum separators, and SCR systems for NOx emission reduction.
  • Flextech Industries Inc. expansion joints and industrial dampers.
  • Utilities Optimized boiler blowdown heat recovery systems.
  • Edward Valves-Flowserve- high pressure steam valves.
  • Rentech Boiler Systems - Industrial package boilers and HRSGs

Member Representative: David Duthie


McRae Engineering Equipment Limited
57 Atomic Ave.
Toronto, ON, M8Z 5K8
Phone: (416)255-7878