Officially Canadian Boiler Society; Association Member Section Formed

On June 16, 1952, the Canadian Boiler Society was formed at the Annual General Meeting in the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, under the acting Chairmanship of Mr. W.A. Montgomery of John Inglis. Mr. Montgomery acted as Chairman in the first Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Boiler Society. The Officers elected were as follows:

Mr. J.E. Neilson of F.W., President

Mr. D.B. Armstrong of D.B., Vice President

Mr. J.R. Duncan of D.B., Treasurer

The Executive Committee were:

A New set of By-Laws and Constitutions were drawn up and approved by the Membership. It is interetesting to note, the title Society was adopted since the meaning of Society is "association of persons united by a common aim, interest or principle."