Initial activity on the B51 Standards

On January 20, 1947, the Canadian Steel Boiler Institute met with the boiler inspectors across Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba to prepare a standard set of specifications for boilers used in Canada. Mr. Crowder was loaned by the Institute to the inspectors for secretarial work on this important project. In 1949, at the request of some members of the Canadian Standards Association, the B-51 Code Committee was formed for setting safety standards for boilers and pressure vessels. The Institute had representatives on this B-51 Committee to assist in this valuable work. This was a major accomplishment, as a great many designing difficulties were overcome. This promoted standards of fabrication with consequent cost reductions and a great simplification of engineering details. Subsequently, the B-51 Code Committee with our representative Mr. Metcalfe of Foster Wheeler, attended the I.S.O. meeting in Madrid, February 1956. a very constructive report of this meeting was submitted by Mr. Metcalfe.

Eventually, to the great satisfaction of all concerned, all provinces agreed to accept B-51 Code Committee's recommendations and the ASME Code became universal across the country.