Formation of the "Welded Steel Boiler Institute"

In 1935, the Welded Steel Boiler was gradually displaying H.R.T.'s and at that time the welded steel Boiler Institute was formed. This Institute consisted of the manufactures of high and low pressure Fire Tube Boilers. The first elected President was Mr. Hugh McCulloch, followed by Mr. George Macnoe.

The Institute was responsible for the following programs:

Each boiler manufacturer had a large number of sizes of boilers and each manufacturer varied from each other. This made specification work extremely difficult for consulting engineers and architects. The specifications, at this time, were based on grate surface, and it was at a later date through the diligent work of the Institute members that the Heating Surface became the basis for the boiler size.

Following the standardization of boiler size, the net and gross ratings were accepted as standard fro both steam and water. In the high pressure boiler field they were rated at 10 square feet per boiler horse power and here again, the large number of sizes made it necessary to standardize and in so doing, decrease the number of boiler sizes.